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I help you publish and grow your audience, even if you're starting from zero.

Whether you want to publish a book, sell more products, or grow your audience, you need strategic and story-driven messaging designed specifically for authors & creatives.

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If your book marketing feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks…then I want to introduce you to a better marketing method. Learn to stand out in a saturated market and sell your book with the ESSENTIAL MARKETING PLAN FOR AUTHORS

Author marketing is overwhelming. I'm Here to help.

Let me give you simple and straight-forward tools that save you time and money.


COMPLETE self-publishing formula

Powerhouse Publishing Courses

Get a comprehensive self-publishing formula course or book launch blueprint course that hands you the game plan without the stress of figuring it out yourself. 


Marketing Strategy to Build Your Platform

Powerhouse Coaching for Authors

This is your super espresso shot of coaching strategy that will boost you toward your goals!

Two options for your needs:

  1. A complete strategy/coaching roadmap for your book launch or publishing goals 
  2. 40 minute coaching session to ask me anything!


Done-for-you Signature Marketing services

Marketing Powerhouse Packages

Data-driven book marketing and strategy packages that give you proven marketing frameworks and powerful conversion copy for your book launch. All the heavy lifting is done for you. For authors who are serious about saving time and making the most impact.

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"Sara Ward was fabulous. Very informative and wonderfully helpful. She designed the teaching to be immensely practical and took the scary out of self-publishing." -Carol

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Let me help you stand out from the crowd

I give you the signature advantage of a solid publishing strategy, data-driven marketing, conversion copy that rocks your sales, and a marketing plan that works overtime, so you don’t have to.

Level Up Your Author Marketing

Want some free training on how to level up your author marketing? Join me on Instagram for the latest in tips, trends, and advice for authors and creatives.

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Spilling my marketing secrets to help you reach more people

If you’re writing and marketing isn’t winning you fans, then it’s probably hurting your growth.

What you need are the training, tools, and techniques that convert browsers into buyers. Even better? Raving fans who can’t get enough of your magic sauce. 

It all starts with a strategy. My marketing journey started in 2014 at an advertising agency where I learned how to craft dynamic conversion copy to create a consistent brand strategy.

These techniques aren’t just for the $100 million dollar businesses either. These strategies work for solo authors who need a marketing plan.

Unlike your average marketer, I’m also an author who understands the power of getting your book into the hands of readers worldwide. It’s magic, and I can’t wait for you to experience that surreal feeling.

Ready to stand out from the crowd with a message that’s clear and consistent? Let’s do it.

Powerhouse Courses

Whether you want to learn to publish for the first time or need a book launch course…it’s all here.

Start The Self-Publishing Simplified Course or the Powerhouse Book Launch Blueprint today for $97!

Marketing Coaching

Marketing coaching designed around your goals, strengths and personality to give you the roadmap for personal success and an actionable plan for marketing. 

A must-have for authors.

Signature Services

Book launch strategy, seasonal marketing strategy, and platform audits with a comprehensive and customized marketing plan built for you.

For authors who want impact.

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New Course

New! Powerhouse Book Launch Blueprint

Welcome to the ultimate book launch course – your roadmap to a successful, impactful launch that resonates with readers and propels your book to new heights.