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I’m passionate about helping authors and creatives find their audience and learn to craft marketing messages that are consistent and clear.


In 2014, I started at an advertising agency, crafting marketing messages for a variety of businesses and brands.

That’s when I found my love for copywriting and for championing my clients. When it came to telling their brand stories, I wanted to aim for consistency, clarity and calibrated messages. If they weren’t happy, I wasn’t happy.

Most of all, I wanted my clients to reach their audience in a way that was effective and authentic.

Fast forward to 2019, when I started working with authors on their book launches, back cover copy and website copy.

Even though most authors feel incredibly proficient when it comes to words, the vast majority do not when it comes to marketing. 

That’s where I come in. I give you the confidence to market your book, teach you the simple steps that make the most impact, and help you feel confident that your book can sell.

Results from Past Clients & Students

"I learned so much about self-publishing that helped me take the next steps in my own publishing process."

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core values:

Excellence, creativity, consistency, clarity

your favorite things:

My family, writing, reading, chocolate, and the beach

fun facts:

I’ve worked in musical theatre (as an actor, singer, dancer). I’m also a playwright and fiction author under a pen name.

Results From Past Clients & Students

"Sara motivated me in so many ways and answered questions I didn't know I had." -Janet

Results from Past Clients

How can a powerhouse marketing package help you?

“Oh my goodness, it delivers! Sara blew me away with her thoroughness and insider knowledge for self-publishing through Amazon. 

I have been able to increase my reach and I know it will impact my sales as I launch my new book out into the world.”