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It's not enough to publish a book. You need marketing experience to help your book sell.

If you feel lost when it comes to book marketing and want someone who has the data-driven experience to guide you, then check out our signature packages for authors.

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Get a marketing plan that helps you sell more books.

Get data-driven book marketing packages that give you proven marketing frameworks and powerful conversion copy. All the heavy lifting is done for you. 

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Powerhouse Courses

My highly rated, step-by-step teaching videos to give you the complete process for publishing or launching a book!

Power Hour Strategy 60 Plan

Get 1:1 coaching and action steps so I can help you reach your goals and market your book successfully.

Custom Marketing Services

Launch strategy, seasonal marketing plans, & growth. Get an essential marketing plan built for you.

For those who want impact.



Sell More Books Package

Everyday, 4000 books are published on Amazon! How will yours get found? The truth is, without the right metadata, it probably won’t. You need BOTH a high-converting book description (with optimized keywords and a killer hook) and optimized backend Amazon metadata (keywords and categories). 

This is a complete package that will position your book to sell and help it get discovered by readers on Amazon! You can use it on new books or older books that need updated metadata and a brand new book description.

✔️High-converting sales copy for your book page and Amazon description ($300 value)

✔️Strategic Amazon data on keywords, categories, and AMS ads to position your book for success ($200 value)

✔️Access to the Self-Publishing Simplified Course with a complete overview of how to publish your book ($300 value)

VIP Signature Services for book Launches

Powerhouse Book Launch Strategy Package or Seasonal Marketing Plan

A full-service mentorship package of everything you need to boost your platform or book, get visibility, and get personalized coaching so your marketing can be a huge success!

✔️Custom marketing plan for your book or platform goals, Includes prelaunch marketing, launch/seasonal strategy. The ESSENTIAL piece of your marketing puzzle (Value: $1,500)

✔️2 personal coaching meetings to keep you on track to meet your goals ($500 value)

✔️High converting sales copy for one product or book ($300 value)

✔️A done-for-you media pitch to get on podcasts and stages ($500)

✔️A month of Voxer messaging or email support for ongoing questions. (Priceless!)

BONUS: When you book this package, you’ll get my highly rated self-publishing course!



Publishing/Marketing coaching

Author Coaching Plans

This is your super espresso shot of marketing strategy that will boost you toward your goals!

Get a customized, scalable plan with 1:1 coaching to grow your audience and reach your goals! No more “throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it works.” No more burnout. No more not making progress.

We’ll lean into your strengths and the opportunities that spark joy for you!

You’ll get clarity and direction on your next steps instead of waffling in indecision or FOMO. 

Get access to my extensive knowledge of the indie publishing world.

1 Hour Marketing Strategy Coaching with follow-up marketing plan: $247 (Ideal for launches or those who need marketing direction for the year)

40 Minute Author Coaching (Q&A’s only/No follow-up report): $97 (Ideal if you have questions to ask and want to pick my brain!)

Results From Past Clients & Students

"Sara Ward did such an excellent job explaining all the various aspects. Extremely practical, informative, and helpful!"

Sara Ward

Online Course for Book Launches

Powerhouse Book Launch Blueprint

Navigate the entire book launch journey, from creating your strategic marketing plan to your three month launch checklist–with total ease! 

Break down the complex process into manageable steps, empowering you to take each step while making sure it aligns with your overarching goals.

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