writeSometimes it’s the obvious questions that need answered the most, because those are the ones that shape your life.

What are you passionate about?

Why do you do it (or not do it)?

Should you be doing it?

For me, the question is Why do you write?

You may think that’s an easy one to answer. I enjoy it, right?

I do enjoy it, but I wouldn’t write, especially not publicly, if I only enjoyed it.

When I start to explain why I spend time doing something that does not yield me anything of worldly value, it might seem ridiculous, really.

But there are truths I keep coming back to about why I do it. These reasons are why I continue even if there are few listening.

I am a big believer that artists should be painting, and creatives should be creating, and actors should be acting, whether it nets them any pay or not.

If it’s the passion he’s created in you and it’s for the glory of God, then we should be practicing and living it.


Reasons why I write

1. During this season of life of raising a family, I’ve found writing and ministering from home is a good melding of time, ability, and calling.

2. Extending myself in multiple ministries outside the home is not a good fit right now.

Family is where my focus/time/energy is and writing meshes well into this season—I can do it any time or place, and remarkably the internet makes it all possible to do from home.

But like all creative passions, I need boundaries that allow me to do my most important callings: namely, loving God and the people he has placed in my life—my husband and children, and those I minister to in my community and church. If I fail to do those things well, then I’ve failed my higher calling.

3. When I started this blog, I felt called to write to those who experienced a great loss since I lost a child. Grief draws people together in a unique way, where suffering and compassion come together to create community.

Though our losses are different, we’re comforted knowing we are not alone.

Over time this calling to write began to extend to other things as well, including marriage, parenting, adoption and spiritual growth. It is deeply satisfying to serve others and hope that the fruit of this ministry results in spiritual growth and hope in Christ.

Writing is way for me to process what God is teaching me through all of life—both the trials and joys.

4. I write as a discipline and as a way to sharpen my craft.

Some days it takes a great deal of willpower, especially when nothing in my life seems particularly worth capturing on paper or in pictures.

Writing is a spiritual discipline. God is ever present and so are his lessons in my life, so this practice is a way for me to listen and look for God in the daily, while being open to what the Spirit is teaching me.

Some days this is easy to do; other days it feels like a struggle. This is why it is a discipline.

5. I love trying to see life through a hope-filled lens of Christ and find his promises and truth through all of life, even the really hard days. Writing challenges me to do this.

Truth is, some days I’m just ministering to myself.

Writing helps me make sense of things. For some people, art does this. Others do photography or music.

Don’t discount these passions. There may be a reason you are drawn to them. They may give you joy or insight, draw you closer to God or even be a form of free therapy.

If you truly love something, you will find a way to do it. Don’t wait for when you’ll have more time. There’s no guarantee of tomorrow.  All we’re given is today.



About my photos: I take my own photography, but am not a professional. I enjoy photography as a spiritual exercise, capturing God’s beauty in the everyday.

I share these photos, not so you think that my life is always beautiful (it’s not—most days it doesn’t look photo worthy), but because I want these photos to inspire you to draw towards your Creator and to look for His beauty in your life.

When I start to look for God’s hand in the ordinary, it’s amazing how much beauty is in the world.


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