From pumpkin spice to bonfire s’mores, fall has all the good stuff.  Here are my seven favorite things about fall:

1.  Making warm and hearty soups, like chili, tomato or chicken noodle

There is something so basic about soup.  Yet, it makes me feel like I’m taking special care of my family, filling them up with warm broth and buttered bread, their bellies satisfied after a long day.


2. Fall candles

When the evenings get dark early, I light candles to make a room feel warm. One of our traditions when the weather turns chilly is to light a candle during Sunday lunch because it both sets the mood as a special dinner and has spiritual significance (Jesus as the light of the world).




3. Bonfires/Cookouts/Fall parties

Any excuse for warm apple cider and a gathering of like-minded souls sounds like a good reason to get together.  As much as us introverts don’t like to admit it, we need community.  We need relationships.  We need s’mores!  Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows gives us time to discuss what’s happening in our lives and to connect outside the walls of our houses, where it’s too easy to hide away and watch Netflix.  The digital world can’t satisfy our craving for human connection.

4. Warm things

Get out the warm throws for the couch and cuddle with someone underneath it.  It doesn’t matter who: your kids, your spouse, your dog.  But beware: your dog may try to sit on your lap and breathe in your face, which is the doggy version of “I love to cuddle.”



5. Carve pumpkins and decorate for Fall

Some people really get into corn stalks, scarecrows and gourd displays for their fall porch displays. Other people like to deck out their lawns like a creepy Bates Motel.  Our family finds creative ways to decorate pumpkins.  We don’t settle for the normal face carved on a pumpkin with a knife.  Instead, we use drills, art carvers, and more to decorate intricate non-face designs. Our pumpkins become our canvas.  Any tool is appropriate that cuts, gouges, drills and maims your pumpkin.  Whether or not you like Martha Stewart, her gallery of pumpkin ideas and templates are fabulous and we have used her inspiration to inspire our own designs.


6. Warm drinks

I could write a long essay celebrating the joys of warm drinks.  Coffee–my morning love, whether french pressed, poured over, brewed by a Keurig or Starbucks–is a must. But both my husband and I love tea (Earl Grey Green loose leaf is my favorite). But don’t forget anything pumpkin spice or warm apple cider with caramel!


7. Fall’s brilliance

The midwest is never so beautiful as when the trees are dying.  Red, orange and golden hues towering into the sky make me say Amen.  Praise Him for this too.



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