Fearless Series

5 Things that Helped Me Deal with Fear


Yes and no are powerful words. In life, I’ve had to say yes to things that scare me, and no to things that, though good, didn’t allow for the things God was calling me to. It’s easy to say yes to the pain-free things of life. It’s much harder to agree to the fearful ones. […]

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More rest, less crazy

How I’m learning to live with more peace and less frenzy this summer Monday night I returned from my last trip of this season, a trip to Maine and Acadia National park, a place filled with rocky coasts, piers stacked with lobster traps, and fishermen working early morning boats in the bay. After getting back […]

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When life doesn’t go as planned

  “I threw up,” my daughter says one night over the computer.  She’s in America and I’m in England and the only reaction I have is Uh-oh.  We didn’t plan for this. So life doesn’t always go as planned. We plan for a thousand things to go wrong, but the only one that does is […]

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When life takes us through the mud

It was by accident that we found the old stone bridge arching over the river in England. We arrived at the sheep farm, nestled in the Yorkshire Dales of England, the night before and found a hiking map posted on a small bulletin board. The directions were rather unclear, saying things like “pass through the gate” […]

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