Christian Women’s Speaker: Sara R. Ward

Whether you’re planning your next conference, event, or retreat, Sara R. Ward is a Christian speaker who motivates groups while speaking powerfully about faith. As a woman who has experienced great loss, Sara instills a message of hope for those who are weary and worn out. 

Why Book Sara as Your Next Speaker

Sara speaks from a wealth of personal experience on loss and disappointment. Through her husband’s cancer and two-year-old son’s death, she has learned what it means to follow God through hard circumstances and to develop a stronger faith with a fierce hope. Her new book, Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness, is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, and Kobo.

What You Will Get

Engaging storytelling. Solid Biblical teaching. Best of all, you will leave feeling refreshed and encouraged. Sara’s topics focus on those who have gone through disappointment or loss. Sara inspires with a hope-filled message that focuses on the promises God gives us in scripture.

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About Sara

Sara is a speaker from Indiana who focuses on loss, faith, and adoption. 

Speaking topics

  • Made for Hope: How to find gifts in brokenness
  • Cultivating Joy
  • Adoption/Parenting adopted children
  • Grief and loss
  • Rebuilding your Marriage after loss or disappointment

Sara has been published on the Today Show Parenting Team, and Focus on the Family Magazine. She has been featured on several podcasts and performs spoken word poetry.  

Fees are negotiable based on the event. Other than local events, travel reimbursements are also required.

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What Others Are Saying:

“Sara Ward is a gifted storyteller and teacher. She shares her solid Bible teaching through clear examples and illustrations that both inspire and encourage the listener. Her sessions are engaging and her love for her Savior comes shining through even though she has experienced tremendous personal loss. I would highly recommend her as a speaker.”  -Linda, women’s retreat planner

“Sara is an excellent communicator! She is personal and connects in a down-to-earth way. We loved that she interacted with our women in group discussion, took part in worship, ate a meal with us, and was “real” in every way. Sara shares in a way that makes you feel as if you’re sitting over coffee in your living room, talking with a friend. She is engaging, and obviously loves Jesus! It was convicting and moving to hear her testimony, and anyone who sits under her teaching will be inspired to trust Jesus in every circumstance.” -Megan, women’s retreat planner

“I highly recommend Sara. She is not only able to keep one’s attention captivated, but she is a strong Biblical speaker. (and being Biblical, teaching the truth from the Word, is the most important.)” -Lisa, conference attender and women’s ministry planner

“Sara spoke at Living Grace Community Church for Mother’s Day and did a fantastic job! She uses her experience in theatre and writing, along with her personal stories of faith to engage her audience. If you’re looking for someone who can communicate the Word of God in a professional, passionate and creative way, I would encourage you to get a hold of Sara.” -Jason, Senior Pastor

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3 Comments on Speaking

  1. My nephew passed August 22,2017 , and his parents had been divorced, which my brother remarried and she handled most of the funeral we couldn’t. I never had children of my own I lived my life through my 2 nephews Dusty and Ryne. Ryne struggled with drugs off and on, but I always had the open door for him. I blamed my sister in law for leaving after 30 years of marriage I know this is not why, but I question so many things about what IF, she was in my family for 30 years they dated from the time I was only 4 years old so I lost a sister. He is a business man in the oil field and it is black and white with him, he is straight forward and I feel like he has pushed all of his family away, parents, myself and even my other brother and Dusty his first born. He is such a wonderful person I love my brother always and measure so many people to him he is handsome, rodeoed, strong, loving and kind in his own way… but I hurt for him and Tammy my sister in law, I hated for so long but I have moved on. Our mom had kidney cancer last April removed, then left arm bone cancer and now it is on her left arm once more and her tailbone and lungs, he barks orders at me all the time about what the doctor should do, but I really think he wants to be prepared for mom and also he had a terrible accident on June 5,2017 and I driver of a car passed away and they sued him for all he had, and settled and paid 450K to the victims son. Needless to say any advice would be wonderful.

    • I just miss my brother the most and the closeness we all had at one time, more than anything. I pray and pray for him and his ex wife and my parents, I know they miss Ryne the same. I just wish things could go back to some happiness and family times, even though they will never be the same without Ryne. I love him and miss him a lot.

    • Tanya, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Grief is so hard on everyone. I hope that your family can find peace in this difficult time. I know one year anniversaries are especially hard. Hugs to you and your loved ones.

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