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Is family devotional time a struggle? Do you have a child that doesn’t like to pray? Dislikes singing? Or just seems at odds with certain traditions that are supposed to help them engage with God?  

You’re not the only one. Many children struggle during certain spiritual disciplines that are supposed to help them grow closer to God, while others thrive in those traditions.

Often as parents, we blame our children for their lack of attention or inability to sit through devotions. If this is your child, please know that the problem may not be your child, but the activity itself!

Sacred Pathways for Kids explores the different, unique ways that kids engage best with God and gave me a better understanding of how to identify the BEST ways that children connect with God. PLUS, it’s filled with activities parents can do with kids—a huge help for busy parents who need quick resources without a lot of prep!

It’s an essential for parents to know what their child’s unique worship style is. Much like learning styles, it applies the principle to our child’s walk with God and is based off the book for adults, Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. 

Sacred Pathways for Kids empowers parents and leaders to see that your kids have a unique relationship with God that doesn’t necessarily fit into a nice neat faith box. The book shows how kids can connect with God in various ways, and gives parents freedom and confidence to help your kids approach God in a mindful way. It gives parents and leaders a greater sense of the fullness of God and how he works among the children of the world. Kids are not machines to be put together in the same way each time. A child’s faith needs to be nurtured, not assembled.”

Here’s what I liked about the book:

  • Full of activities geared for ALL 9 pathways.
  • A BETTER understanding of my own child’s unique personality and how to help them connect with God!
  • A quiz to help you figure out which ‘style’ your child connects with.

Want to take the quiz to find out which pathway your child is? TAKE THE QUIZ RIGHT HERE.

If you want to experience Sacred Pathways for Kids, I have a free bonus to share with you: 30 ACTIVITIES  TO USE WITH SACRED PATHWAYS FOR KIDS. It’s a quick guide to print out and hang on your fridge at home so you always have a new activity for your family!


The Overview of Sacred Pathways for Kids

Kids engage with God in nine different ways. In order to figure out which way your child best connects with God, read the descriptions below or take the Sacred Pathways quiz. Understanding the nine pathways will help you provide activities that target your child’s most preferred style of engaging with God.

1. Traditionalist: They like routines and traditions in their faith practice. This means that they love traditions like Bible devotionals, or even church traditions in worship like communion and regular, repetitive habits that foster their faith.

2. A Naturalist is someone who connects with God through nature. They love to go outside and see God’s handiwork and enjoy his creation. Nature walks and admiring God’s beautiful creation are ways for a naturalist to connect with God.

3. Sensate: They enjoy connecting with God through the senses, including hands-on activities, smells, taste, and touch. As a parent, you’ll need to find ways to experience Bible stories through the senses.

4. Caregivers want to help out those who are needy by making food, showing hospitality or serving others in some way.

5. The Activist wants justice to right the wrong. Like the caregiver, they want to help others, but they have the additional goal of bringing justice to an unjust situation. They may raise money for a charity that fights injustice or do a service project, like a canned food drive to help fight injustice.

6.  The Intellectual child desires to know God through the intellect and loves studying the Bible. They may be interested in using Bible maps or other resources that help them learn intellectually about God’s word.

7. The Enthusiast learns to engage with God through ways like dancing and singing and other forms of worship that may involve enthusiastic displays of worship.

8. The Ascetic likes solitude and silence. They connect best in quiet places or alone without a lot of distraction.

9. Contemplative kids like to think about God while sitting and enjoying things like candlelight or something else that helps them ponder their thoughts about God. 


Pros and Cons of Sacred Pathways for Kids


1. No matter if you have a home full of diverse pathways, you can learn to include a variety of activities to meet each kid where they are at. These nine pathways aren’t meant to box you in, but help you understand that there is not one way to connect with God, but many ways —all diverse and beautiful.

2. The book includes an array of activities for each pathway, so you have several things you can do right away if you don’t want to come up with your own ideas. Plus, I have a free bonus guide with 30 activities if you need extra inspiration!


1. If you have a big family of diverse ages it would be hard to implement all your children’s pathways on a regular basis. As a former school teacher who dealt with diverse learning styles in a class of 25 kids, the key is rotating different styles of activities regularly so that you meet all the unique kids in your classrooms. Families could do the same, but it takes a bit more effort and planning.

2. The book is geared toward preschool and elementary ages and does not include activities for older kids. It may be limiting for families with a diverse age group. However, many of the activities could be adapted or could become a springboard for activities adapted for older kids.

All in all, this was a very insightful resource and I loved learned about all the pathways. 

If you want to find out more about Sacred Pathways for Kids or need to take the quiz, you can find all the information here! 


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Do you want 30 days of activities that hit all nine pathways? Download this free cheat sheet to snag the bonus guide: 30 Activities for Kids.

Let’s Get Started

CHRISTIE THOMAS is the author of Sacred Pathways for Kids and three other books.  She is a former children’s ministry director and helps Christian parents nurture the hope of Christ at home with consistency and creativity.


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