GraceLaced Book Review

GraceLaced Book Review

Over the last year, I have been a big instafan of Ruth Chou Simons.

It’s not just because she’s a fellow mama, trying to keep up with her laundry while expressing her faith through words and paintings on Instagram.

It’s not just because she’s raising (and homeschooling!) six mancubs (boys) while running her blog and selling her artwork.

It’s because she loves Jesus and expresses it so well through the mediums of art and writing.

Ruth Chou Simons is an artist, author, entrepreneur. She is “most interested in how the gospel intersects her daily life, and longs to see beauty and truth together in any creative medium.”

You see her love for Jesus in the daily things: the way she writes about her husband and kids with tenderness and truth. The way her paintings incorporate the glorious creation of God,

The way her words speak truth about how marriage and motherhood are sanctifying. Both make us more like Jesus if we let the hard parts shape us into something more like Christ.


I was thrilled to get an early release copy of her new devotional book called GraceLaced: Discovering Timeless Truths Through Seasons of the Heart. This book is described as a “visual journey through God’s faithful promises” and the pages are loaded with Ruth’s scripture-inspired paintings, something unique to this devotional. The 32 meditations are divided into four seasons, a perfect fit given the artist’s focus on God’s creation, and each meditation is around two pages long.

IMG_6347 2

As she wrote and painted her way through the creation of this book, she discovered how God’s grace is interwoven in her daily life:

“I wrote this book while sowing and growing through my own changing season’s of storms, losses, looking, waiting and persevering.  We don’t have to have the same circumstances to recognize how the grace of God is laced and woven in and through each page of your story and mine. The pages…serve only to direct your gaze to Christ, the giver of all-sufficient grace for our lives.


GraceLaced Book Review

At the beginning of the book, she establishes four “R’s” to finding God’s grace through the season of our hearts.

  • “It begins with resting in who He is
  • It builds by rehearsing the truth He says about you
  • It blossoms as we respond in faith to those truths
  • It is sustained by remembering his provision.”

GraceLaced Book Review

This book is beautiful; both the artwork and the words will inspire readers to find God’s grace laced and interwoven through their own lives.

And so the invitation and welcome is yours: to come as broken, hopeless, and burdened….and find peace for your soul.”


If you order your copy of GraceLaced by August 31, you’ll receive a free downloadable print when you register your purchase at

See more of Ruth’s artwork at









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  1. This looks wonderful! Love all the artwork, especially the Psalms picture. I think I’ll get one for myself and one for a gift! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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