We Rejected Jesus: Good Friday Spoken Word



A spoken word focusing on the death of Jesus and what he endured on the cross for us. Even though we rejected him, he still died for our sins. Great for your Good Friday service. Time: Approximately 1 minute.

Excerpt from “We Rejected Jesus”

“With all this injustice

he didn’t say a word

Mute like a lamb,

a lamb part of God’s plan,

he didn’t say a word.

He was taken away,

nailed to a beam,

and while it might seem

like he was guilty,

he was pure…

But we made sure

he suffered.

We rejected Jesus.

But not just you and me.

God was pleased

to hang him on that tree,

an offering and sacrifice.

His life was the price

He didn’t need to give it twice.

As soldiers rolled the dice,

Jesus came to be our Christ.

Yet we…