Easter Spoken Word: Rejecting Jesus


Easter Spoken Word


This Easter spoken word was originally designed as a two-part performance piece in the worship service. It could be performed as a single spoken word.

If you have a Good Friday service, this works well with the Good Friday spoken word called “We Rejected Jesus.”

Part 1: Focuses on Matthew 27:62-66 and part 2 focuses on Matthew 28:11-15

Excerpt from “Rejecting Jesus”

They wanted to be sure they were right. 

They sealed that tomb tight,

the way we seal our hearts shut 

from the things that we can’t control, 

don’t want to face, 

can’t explain or demand or erase.

We seal our hearts,

when we can’t afford to be wrong.

If only we could see the truth:

There’s one way to freedom.

One way to hope,

One way to a love that will never fail.


The One who breaks all our chains.

He’s the God of the 



bruised soul,


…who can’t afford to be wrong.

This was the chief priest’s moment.

Their turning point toward truth.

They could either believe he rose again or 

they could reject the greatest miracle on earth.

You already know how this story ends.

Their hearts, hard as stone

shut tight against the truth came up with an excuse

A last shot at saving the one thing that mattered:


Their little lie 

Would cause many to stumble:

‘His disciples came during the night,” they said,

and stole him away.”

Many people get caught up in a thousand year old lie

Because which is easier to believe:

A missing body or the resurrection of a dead man?

Rational minds want easy answers

Not faith in something they can’t explain.

Because here’s the thing:

When it comes to the truth,

we can’t afford to be wrong.

Our souls depend on it.

We either accept Jesus words 

or call him crazy.

We seal our hearts shut 

or we let his grace break them wide open.

We believe he could not be held back

by sealed tombs and 

and human lies.

And when we do,

Truth wins.

Because the end of His story is what 

makes the end of ours so wonderful.

The tomb could not hold him. 

Satan could not stop him,

The grave could not contain him, 

And through him, 

we have eternal life.