Easter Spoken Word Poem: If He Didn’t/But He Did



An Easter spoken word poem from 1 Corinthians 15:12-28 that highlights how Jesus defeated death and the resurrection of Jesus has given us eternal life.


Excerpt from “If He Didn’t/But He Did”:

“Christ has risen, he is the first who, in death, sleep.

For since a man damned us, a man will also raise us.

For since Adam killed us, so our Christ must

give us life, but him first, then you and me.

And in the end, with all power and authority,

defeating all dominions with his final breath,

He hands the Father a kingdom, defeating even death.

Then the Father, who put everything under the Son,

will have His will done.

And the Son, will put everything under the Father

so we will see God is our history’s author.

Praise our God, three-in-one.

All glory to Christ, the risen one.”