The Made for Hope Podcast is a biweekly podcast for women that tells true stories of people who have gone through hard things and have found hope, healing, and faith in the process. Through candid conversations with guests, you’ll learn how others survived life-changing events and came out stronger and more resilient in the end.

Episode 5: Dealing with the Loss of a Child with guest Bekah Bowman

Join me as Bekah Bowman shares the story of her children’s diagnosis and how she has found joy in unexpected places. This is not just a story of loss, but a story of redemption and hope.

Episode 4: A Chapter from Sara’s Book: Made for Hope

Listen to chapter one from my book, Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness.

Made for Hope Podcast Episode 3: Savoring Life Through Heartache and Joy with guest Christy Cabe

Author Christy Cabe shares the impact of losing a mom as a child, dealing with her own child’s cancer diagnosis, and facing recurrent miscarriages. Christy’s vulnerable stories show us how to have joy even in the midst of hard circumstances.


Made for Hope Podcast Episode 2: When Life Turns Upside Down with guest Becky McCoy

Becky McCoy and Sara Ward discuss how to have resilience in the midst of losing a spouse and the difficulty of single parenting.


Made for Hope Podcast Episode 1: Facing Cancer and Overcoming Fear with Niki Hardy

Author Niki Hardy and Sara Ward talk about facing a cancer diagnosis, keeping fear in check, and how to thrive and not just survive.


Made for Hope Podcast Trailer with Sara Ward

Vulnerable conversations with women. Stories of hope.