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JJ Gutierrez left her six-figure sales career to do something she never thought she’d do: homeschool her daughter. 

JJ never imagined herself in the role of homeschooling mom. She was on a career track, but she recognized that something had to change, and this was the next right step. 

This is a podcast for any mom who has:

—made a decision that wasn’t “part of the plan”

—helped your child through anxiety or fear (and the signs you need to watch for)

—decided to homeschool your child, whether you wanted to or not

—needed to find your worth in something other than your role

I loved this conversation with JJ because she’s real and authentic in her struggle to change from career woman to homeschool mom. She shares how she dealt with the loss of her career identity and the gifts she found in this new calling.

My favorite quote from our conversation:

“I’ve had to let God redefine my value so it’s not based on a dollar amount or a job title.”

If you’re dealing with big changes or have decided to homeschool, take a listen to JJ’s story.

We talk about dealing with our changing identities, and the rewards and surprises in the journey of motherhood.

JJ Gutierrez is the author of Chickening In: From Fear to Courageous Faith. The book shows how to loosen the power of fear over your life with practical, manageable and repeatable steps so you can “chicken in” instead of chicken out. 

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Show Note Links

Practical things moms can do when they have a child with anxiety: Growing Courage in a Fearful Child

Follow JJ at

Facebook: @chickeningin

Instagram: @chickening_in

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