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Remembering a Loved One Who Has Passed Away

It’s good to celebrate as a family, but it’s also good to hold space for other kinds of family memories and significant dates. One that can be particularly healing is remembering a loved one who has passed away.

This is the last episode in our summer series and this week, I’m sharing eight ideas on how you can remember a special loved one.

Our family has done this for years and I’ve learned that this doesn’t have to be a sad event. In fact, reflecting back on your relationship with a loved one can bring back sweet memories. It can foster healing. It can help us remember what matters.

I love how we’ve incorporated special family memories into our calendar.

In this episode, you will learn eight special ways to remember a loved one and why this is a healing and necessary process.

Resources Listed in this Podcast:

24 ways to remember a loved one—sign up here to access the resource.

Bible Resource: How to study the bible on your own 

Buy Made for Hope here.


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