On today’s show, we welcome Thelma Nienhuis, who writes about grief, infertility, and extending permission and acceptance for those in the midst of the storm. 

When we recorded the podcast, we were only a few weeks from Mother’s Day, and for those who have gone through infertility, you know what a grief trigger that day that can be. It brings up the disappointment, the old (or even new) wounds, and a reminder that even if you’ve accepted being childless, there might be some complex feelings on those triggering days.

If you’ve struggled with infertility or know someone who has, we discussed so many helpful things like:

—why infertility is grief too (and why we’re reluctant to name it that way)

—how to honor grief in your life and build traditions that allow you to grieve

—why you should extend permission to yourself on Mother’s day and other triggering events

—how we can best support those going through infertility

—finding joy in the place where you’re at

Even though we talk about grief and infertility, the conversation is one is filled with hope and joy, even when life looks different than what we imagined.

Links mentioned in this episode

Life as Two Resource

The Wide Spectrum of Mothering

Quiet Assurance: 30 day devotional walking you through the Psalms

Connect with Thelma on Facebook

Connect on Instagram:@thelmanienhuis

Sara’s book, Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness, which also talks about her journey through infertility and adoption. 


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