Self Care Practices for the Soul

How can we care for our souls in the midst of difficulty? What tools can we use when we’re stuck in negativity, bitterness, grief, and more? What self care practices can we use to help us get unstuck?

On this episode, Kristin Vanderlip will show us how to use self care practices to help us become unstuck from our negative emotions. Kristin is a writer who experienced the loss of a child and learned the value of healing through journaling and practicing self care.

We chat about the proven benefits of journaling and what self care practices help us to shift our mindsets, change our negative thinking and invite God into our experiences.

Learn how:

-Writing things down improves our health

-Self care practices can shift your attitude and emotions

-To invite God into your practices

-To assemble a toolkit for self care


Find Kristin’s Life Worth Living Journal and Kids’ Journals here:

Kristin’s website

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Instagram: @kristinvanderlip 

Facebook: @kristinvanderlipwrites 

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