How to Wait Well: Practical ways to embrace seasons of waiting and how to draw near to God in them with Jazmin Frank

Waiting is something we all have painfully endured. Whether it’s waiting on a decision, waiting for a baby, or waiting for an answer to prayer. Seasons of waiting will happen for all of us.

But how do we wait well?

Jazmin Frank has spent much of her life waiting for the desire for marriage to be fulfilled. She’s journeyed through trusting God wholeheartedly, to doubting his abilities, to trying to get out of the waiting, avoid it, or resolve it.  

The one thing she has found consistently helpful in waiting seasons is to keep taking steps toward God and meeting Him in the waiting. 

What that looks like practically has been surprisingly simple, and we talk about how to endure your own season of waiting. 

Grab your favorite drink and listen as we chat about how to wait well by:

—leaning into the tension of waiting 

—taking steps toward God

—finding supportive community in your waiting

—supporting someone as they endure their own waiting season

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