Being intentional in your marriage is challenging no matter whether you’ve been married one year or fifty.

My guest is Laura Thomas, who is an author who is passionate about working on her marriage and writing love stories in her romantic suspense novels.

We want to help you build a marriage you can celebrate and rest in, so Laura and I sat down and talked about some of the keys of strong marriage. Listen in as Laura shares:

  • keys to working on your marriage in all seasons 
  • her best marriage advice (which is spot on!)
  • how to have date nights when you don’t have money or time
  • how to honor and love your husband well
  • who you should surround yourself with to encourage your marriage (hint: it might surprise you!)

Bonus: She also shares her favorite love stories!

Listen to the show to get all the details on how you can

Episode Links:

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Free Christian Romance Novella from Sara (Yes, it’s a pen name: Grace Worthington):

Katy’s books:

Sara’s Book and Bible Study: Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts of Brokenness

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