Have you struggled with how to improve your mental health in the last year?

On this week’s episode, we’re talking about managing your mental health in the new year and how you can take care of yourself and focus more on Jesus this year.

Before I hit the highlights, I’ve got BIG NEWS: I’ve got a new co-host who’s joining me on the Made for Hope Podcast. Katy Epling is bringing her wisdom so that we can have more life-giving conversations that bring you hope. Katy Epling is a mom to three, including a son with down syndrome. You can hear her interview on Episode 12 all about raising a child with a disability.

In this episode about mental health, Katy and I talk about :

1. Common mental health struggles in the pandemic

2. Importance of community

3. Tips when you feel discouraged

4. How to focus on positive mental health

5. Being aware of your body’s response to stress and discovering healthy rhythms in your life.

I hope you took away some inspiration that will help you to make changes this week and be able to deal with your own personal mindset and mental health this year.

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If you want to be inspired to find more purpose in your life and fill your heart with encouragement, Katy has a new book out called, Life on Purpose: 30 days of reading and reflecting on God’s Word. Through Scripture readings, and journaling questions, you will discover:

  • How to live a life of significance
  • What it means to be part of God’s big family
  • How to live life on purpose, right where you are!

Find the book here.

Katy’s article in Relevant Magazine: Is Social Media Silencing Our Souls During The Pandemic?

For all the episodes: Made for Hope Podcast

Made for Hope Bible Study The interactive Bible study guide provides daily Scripture readings and encourages you to embrace a deeper understanding of seven treasures.


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