Becky Mccoy podcast 1

When Life Turns Upside Down: Becky McCoy on losing a husband and learning resilience

When Becky McCoy lost her husband while 8 months pregnant, she wrestled with the timing of God’s plan and how to move forward with her two young children. In the midst of grief, she found so many incredible lessons. This conversation is an insightful look into grief, healing, and resilience.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

—Becky’s before and after moment that changed her family’s life

—how grief isn’t a linear process

—how community is an essential part of getting through loss

—the struggle of accepting of plan B

—what gifts she’s found in her brokenness

Join us to hear Becky’s story of loss, resilience, and learning to navigate the complexities of being in this new normal.

Becky L McCoy lives on the Connecticut coast with her two precocious and hilarious children. She once enjoyed teaching high school physics and now tells her story of loss, grief, and joyful living on her blog. Having struggled with depression and anxiety and experienced several seasons of grief and struggle, Becky is passionate about creating an online community where people share their stories and encourage one another to choose to live bravely and authentically through disappointment and discouragement.

You can find Becky on all forms of social media @BeckyLMcCoy, on her blog at, and her podcast Sucker Punched.



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