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What is it like to be an adoptive or foster family?

Today, we hear from adoptive and foster parent, Jillana Goble, and give you an insider’s look, highlighting both the beauty and challenges that come with the foster parenting journey.

You’ll gain an appreciation for what every foster family goes through and how you can help a friend who is a foster parent.

Jillana Goble’s story highlights three different stories through her three children. She became a foster mom, biological mom and adoptive mom – in that order –starting in 2003.

While many have been seated around her table over the years, five remarkable kids, who have stretched and shaped her, call her Mom. With over a decade-and-a-half experience of being a certified foster parent, Jillana has the privilege of walking alongside and mentoring many others. She founded Embrace Oregon, which has paved the way for unprecedented partnership between the community and the state’s Child Welfare agency.

If you know someone who has adopted or fostered, or if you want to learn to support those who do, this is an episode that highlights the challenges and beauty of taking this brave journey.

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