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How to Help a Friend After Losing a Baby

What would you do if your doctor told you that the baby you were carrying was not going to survive? Would you terminate the pregnancy? Would let nature take it’s course? How can anyone face that kind of decision? It seems unthinkable. And yet, everyday, women are given this devastating news. Today, I’m talking with Jenny Albers who has gone through the experience of losing a baby and offers advice on how we can learn to support and encourage women experiencing child loss.

Jenny Albers described her life as “normal and average,” but all that changed when she had a son who was stillborn. After that, life became unrecognizable. Jenny writes,

After my prior loss, I’d desperately wanted to bring another baby home. Despite making it much further along than my previous loss, I still returned home with an empty womb and empty arms. I kept to myself and holed up at home because the world suddenly seemed harsh and cruel. Everyone was pregnant, or so it seemed. Babies were everywhere while mine was dead. People laughed while I sobbed. Other families were whole while mine was broken.


Jenny talks openly about what it’s like to go through the loss of a child and says if loss was the hardest thing, then the second hardest thing is pregnancy after loss, when you’re afraid of losing your next child and you go through a roller coaster of emotions including grief, joy, doubt, fear.

If you’ve experienced the loss of a baby or you know someone who has, this episode explores how there is no right way to grieve normally.

We also talk about how you can support those going through the loss of a child.

Some of the topics we cover:

–keep reaching out to a friend in grief, even if they don’t respond

–what kind of gifts are helpful

–what to expect of your friend over the coming months

–what their biggest struggles will be

This episode will help you to understand their grief journey and how you can support them through the process. 

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Jenny’s book, Courageously Expecting, explores pregnancy after loss and is will be published January 2022.

Find Jenny here:

FB and Insta: @beautifullyburdenedlife

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