Today we’re talking about broken relationships, which is one of the most painful experiences that we can go through, especially when it’s a marriage. For writer and podcast host, Jodi Rosser, her divorce felt like the death of her dreams.

But in the midst of that season, she also learned so much about family, faith, and what it means to have hope in the midst of broken dreams.I loved this conversation with Jodi, because she is honest about the pain of walking through a divorce and the experience of finding hope again.

She explains how she immersed herself in books that helped her heal, started writing through her pain, and discovered a calling to podcasting in the process.

I met Jodi through a writer’s group called Hope*writers, which is now opening its doors for membership. It’s a supportive place to help you achieve your writing dreams. Find out how to join. here.

She also shares how afraid she was of sharing her news with friends. But after being vulnerable, she learned, “people are more attracted to your brokenness than your successes.”  It was this beautiful truth that allowed her to share her story vulnerably and create a ministry from her pain.

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