This episode is for you if you’ve ever received a difficult diagnosis for your child or you’ve experienced the loss of a child. Even if you know someone who has—this is an incredible conversation around loss and faith that will inspire you to find gratitude and joy, no matter what your circumstances are.

Join me as Bekah Bowman shares the story of her children’s diagnosis and how she has found joy in unexpected places. This is not just a story of loss, but a story of redemption and hope.

You’ll find incredible inspiration from hearing her perspective on gratitude, suffering, and learning to celebrate God’s goodness in the midst of difficulty.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

—how Bekah found a different kind of brave in the midst of her own unexpected plot twists

—how she dealt with the emotions and grief and found hope again

—practical ways to find gratitude and to celebrate God’s goodness, even in the hard moments

Bekah Bowman is the author of Can’t Steal my Joy: The Journey to a Different Kind of Brave. She is a former children’s pastor who is passionate about helping families with disabilities and loss. She uses her knowledge and experience to help the church become a place of belonging for everyone.

Bekah’s Website:

Bekah’s Free Resource: Can’t Steal My Joy Resource Guide

Bekah’s Book: Can’t Steal My Joy: The Journey to a Different Kind of Brave

Sara’s Free Resource: Made for Hope Journal and Reflection Prompts

Get a copy of Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness


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