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Books to Read When You’re Hurting

Know a friend going through a tough time? Who doesn’t?

Grief and loss are universal human emotions and books can be especially healing. They remind us we’re not alone in our pain.

We’re mixing it up for the summer and doing a special summer series called “Things I’d like to know about grief, but was afraid to ask…”

And this includes books!

What book about loss should you buy for yourself? Your friends?

This podcast answers that question for you. (But you have to listen to find out.)

There are several reasons this list is important:

1. When you experience loss, you want to find your way through it. Sometimes books can help.

2. When you have a friend going through loss, you want to help them. But you’re not a counselor or pastor (or maybe you are) and you don’t have all the answers. You need a book.

3. We don’t talk about grief and loss enough. This opens the door to more conversations and equips you to learn more.

Instead of overwhelming you with a ton of books, I’ve picked eight that can really be helpful. These would make great gifts to a friend (or yourself).

Resources and Links from the Show:

See my blog post: 8 Books on Loss and Grief

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