This month is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month, a time to remember the moms and dads who remember and grieve the babies they lost. 

The Made for Hope Podcast is honoring these families by sharing stories about miscarriage and infant loss this month. It’s an honor to hold those stories in this space and educate others about this silent grief.

For the moms (and dads) who’ve experienced this loss, we’re so sorry. We’re sorry that you’ve lost your little ones. We’re sorry that you’ve lived this grief and know it first hand.

For those of us who don’t know this pain personally, these conversations help us to understand the pain of others better, so that we can be a community of support for them.

This week, Anna Kettle, a writer from England, is our guest on the show and shares her story of going through three miscarriage losses. Anna believes in sharing her vulnerable story and the healing power of words and she offers so much hope for the woman who has suffered a miscarriage.

If you’re unsure how to help a friend in loss, or if you’ve experienced miscarriage, Anna’s story is a powerful reminder of hope in the midst of ongoing loss and how to press in to Jesus when you’re in grief.

She also offers practical tips on how you can help a friend through loss—what you can say and do that will show your love and support. 

Anna has her first book coming out in spring 2021 called Sand Between Your Toes. It’s a collection of devotionals about slowing down, simplifying, and savoring a quiet and calm only Jesus can provide.

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