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Do you know someone who has a child with special needs? We have an incredible guest Katy Epling, who shares the story of her son’s diagnosis of Down Syndrome. It’s an episode that not only touches on the shock and grief every parent experiences but how she found hope and purpose in realizing God had a plan for her son and that he was made on purpose, for a purpose.

I love Katy’s vulnerability in sharing her initial doubts. She candidly explains the grief that came her realization that her son’s future was going to be different than she originally imagined. But she also shares how God brought an assurance that his life was no mistake. That this was what God had planned all along and how she’s leaning into that truth. 

This is such a special episode and my hope is that it will encourage listeners who are facing a new normal. It also celebrates the beauty found in parenting a child with special needs and how we need to affirm parents who are raising these incredible children.

Why This Is An Episode Every Mom Needs to Hear

When my son Silas was diagnosed with Leigh’s disease (a fatal diagnosis that causes severe special needs), it was hard to see past his limited abilities to discover the gifts in my daily life. But over time, I began to see how his life changed me. How loving him was a joy and privilege. How his place in our family was not an accident.

Hearing Katy’s story reminded me of that process of finding hope again. She’s able to see the beauty and the gifts in this journey that she never anticipated. We may not expect to parent a child with special needs, but God will equip us for this journey. 

She also recognizes that every mom’s has a struggle that is hidden. Each of us has our pain. We may not carry the same baggage, but we can still hold each other up. We can still encourage each other. Parenting a child with special needs gave Katy a new focus on supporting other women in finding hope and purpose in their journey.

My book, Made for Hope Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness, is available now. (You can listen to Chapter 1.)

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