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Today’s Five Minute Friday Theme: Choose

It was last Friday when my to-do list outnumbered my hours.  The house was a wreck, numerous projects were only half done, the dirty dishes overflowing on the countertop.

That’s when my daughter asked,   “Mom are you coming on my field trip today? “

Such a simple question.  Such hard answers.

I shook my head and told her I had too much to do.  “Maybe another time.” I said as we left for school.

I ran from expectation to expectation that day, thinking of the field trip in between appointments. I could get the house cleaned another time, I thought. The work I planned will get done another day.  The errands, the phone calls, the expectations—why do we live for these and not each other?

I wouldn’t have another shot at spending today with my girl.

So I slipped away from the messy house, from the to-do list with a thousand things, and stepped on the school bus with my girl, whose face lit up when she saw I was there, her hand reaching for mine.

Sometimes choosing means showing up.

Sometimes choosing means putting off the immediate and investing in what really matters.

Sometimes choosing doesn’t involve saying anything.

It’s about trying.

Will she remember this moment?

Who can really say what the heart remembers?

But I will remember when I chose her.

When I chose love.


4 Comments on Choose What Matters

  1. Visiting from 5MF. Standing up and cheering at your choice last Friday. Woo hoo!!!! I love the image of your daughter’s face lighting up as you joined her on the field trip. How precious.

  2. Grateful for your reminder. I couldnt help but reflect on my own walk with God at times. There are so many wonderful opportunities before us to serve, share and fellowship with our family and friends, most often with the right motivation and the purest of intentions. But at what cost? If at the end of the day we are not choosing Christ …. time in worship or God’s word then the other is of no benefit if our heart strays from the one who first chose us. Choosing comes in many forms. Often by not choosing the day gets filled with non essential choices and the greatest one is left unchecked. You ask if she will remember? Possibly not. But she will know that you have loved her well even if the kitchen sink is filled with dishes. Your words always touch my heart Sara. Keep writing …. God is inspiring us through you.

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