Made for Hope Podcast Episode 10: Helping Someone with Anxiety and Depression with Lakeshia Poole

Made for Hope Podcast

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it’s not uncommon to think you’re the only one. For today’s guest, author Lakeshia Poole, her teen years were when her struggle began, leading to thoughts about ending her life. This episode deals with anxiety and depression and ways to help others who struggle.I love this interview because […]

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You need extra help reaching your goals, improving your writing, and finding your next right step. I offer writing and marketing group coaching for writers and would love to help you achieve your goals. Writing Coaching What can I expect from writing coaching? I will help you set and achieve goals identify solutions to your […]

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Bathroom remodel on a budget

We just finished our bathroom remodel last month and it was a whopper of a DIY project.  But the good news is we did everything ourselves (except for the plumbing) and managed to do it on a budget! Our original bath had some great features.  Yes, the sink is a vintage dresser that I loved, […]

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How to Afford Adoption

how to afford adoption

“I’d like to adopt, but it’s just so expensive.” This is one of the most common phrases I hear when I mention that we’ve adopted. Turns out, money is a big reason why people don’t adopt. According to a recent survey, 33% of Americans consider adoption and 79% of them are worried about the cost. In the […]

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