On My Bookshelf

Being a writer means being a reader:  I have to fill the creative well with words or I run the risk of running dry. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction and haven’t been disappointed—these are some of the best books I’ve read in years—including Keller’s Walking with God through Pain and Suffering and […]

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The Scariest Words You’ll Ever Hear

Ten years ago, I sat in the emergency room waiting for the results from Sam’s CT scan. Ten years ago, a doctor walked in and told him, “You have cancer,” the scariest words we could ever hear. “He’s so young,” I said. The doctor replied, “I’ve got a girl in here who’s seventeen and terminal.” […]

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10 things to do over spring break


“Your life is a blank page. You write on it.”   –Donald Miller So because it’s spring break and we are celebrating local-style, (which means we are nowhere warm and sadly still running our space heaters) we will not call our week “lame” and give up in despair. Instead we will embrace the goodness of […]

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Things I like: Prints for our walls

Telling Our Story With Artwork and Pictures When I walk into someone’s house, their home tells me just as much about their story as words do. There are pictures of the people they love, trinkets picked up on their travels, and gifts from special friends. Although I would love to have all original artwork filling my […]

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