Why I Write


Sometimes it’s the obvious questions that need answered the most, because those are the ones that shape your life. What are you passionate about? Why do you do it (or not do it)? Should you be doing it? For me, the question is Why do you write? You may think that’s an easy one to answer. I enjoy […]

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My So-Called Summer

It’s the first day of school and my brain is still thinking it might be June. Or at most, the beginning of July. But no way is it time for school. What happened to the lazy days of summer? You know—the days of lounging on a rickety lawn chair while the kids play in the […]

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What I learned about love in Nicaragua

I hang her picture on my bulletin board at home. A small brown face with a shy smile.  Our sponsored child in Nicaragua.  Her name: Angeli. Each week after dinner we sit around our table and pray for her, unsure of what her family needs, but knowing that God knows her needs anyway. He knows […]

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