Healing the guilt after a parent’s worst nightmare

back to school grief

My son was nestled into my lap when I noticed his breathing sounded labored, almost like a small muffled cry. He had been fighting a battle against a rare genetic disease with no cure and 100% mortality rate. Any little illness he came down with only made his disease worse.  His disease was terminal, but […]

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How to deal with suffering and pain

She lost two children during her lifetime, one in infancy and a two-year-old. I imagine her sitting there, looking out the window and wondering what they’d be like all grown up, her heart torn to pieces. She would never know, but the thought keeps coming back to tease her, images of little girls in ruffled […]

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How to live joy in tough times

Everyone is quiet, looking at the wall, or their hands, avoiding eye contact, avoiding the unsaid. The ones who are experiencing their first holiday alone—without that husband, or child, or parent—it cuts deep. The group leader directs our attention to the theme “Getting through the holidays without your loved one” and asks, “Any ideas?” It would […]

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