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🎈Today, I’m sharing my book cover with the world!🎈

I’m thrilled to show it to you and share the story behind it: After our son Silas died, we started attending a family grief center. The grief center was a great resource for both our daughter and for us, and provided us with incredible support as we grieved the loss of our son.

One lovely warm spring evening, the families at the grief center went outside to participate in a remembrance activity, which gives families a chance to remember their loved ones. They encouraged us to write notes to our loved ones on tiny slips of paper and then attach them to balloons. In my book, I recount this moment of writing my note to my son:

“Dear Silas,” I wrote, “I miss you so much. I’ll see you again in heaven.” I knew my son would never read the note, but writing it somehow made it seem real. We tied the slips to colorful balloons, stood in a circle, and released the balloons together at the same time. In that moment, people were smiling and crying, looking up as the balloons rose higher and higher, our faces pointed toward the sky with hope.”

Made for Hope book

 I remember that moment as a special event, where we learned there could be both joy and tears, hope and trust in the sacred space of remembering. Because that was a special moment, my cover designer and I decided on an image that would capture that moment of hope.

For me, the memory of those brightly colored balloons floating to the sky reminds me of the hope that Christ puts in our hearts, a reminder that this life isn’t all there is.

I believe that in my deepest, most painful moments, God can work in my heart to not only heal, but to make me more like him, and his love won’t fail me. He has written our story and it is a story of redemption and hope.

🎈 Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness releases October 29.



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