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I’m absolutely THRILLED to share a new book, Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels, from my friend Christy, who is such a gracious encourager, fantastic writer, and a woman of faith.

Christy and I got to know each other when we first worked in church ministry together about 17 years ago. But where I really began to see her heart was in our writing group, started a few years ago by our friend, Lori.

Every month at writing group, we read a story and then discussed it, sharing our favorite moments and what could make it even better.

I can honestly say that our goal was to build up each other, because in the writing world it’s easy to feel not good enough, and yet we all see this as a ministry to share God’s hope and truth. It has been a remarkable time of building our writing chops, while revealing the most tender pieces of our hearts.

Some of the stories from Christy’s new book came out of those writing group meetings. I feel proud that I heard some of the earliest drafts of these stories.

I have always admired Christy’s clarity for storytelling. She doesn’t just “tell” a story, she shows us the story as if we were right there with her. This is the beautiful magic of her storytelling. Her new book, Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels, is a delight and comes out today on Amazon.


An Interview with Christy Cabe


I had the chance to sit down with Christy recently and talk about her new book, as well as her early years as a pastor’s kid. Although some pastor’s kids can get a bad rap, Christy had a different perspective.

“I have fond memories of being at the church during the week. When I was older, I always liked being a pastor’s kid. I thought it was privilege.”

Christy’s life was turned upside down when her mother passed away unexpectedly when she was eleven. Because of how that event shaped her life, she opens the book with a story of how she savors the last dessert her mother made before she died.

“In my book I talk about the last brownie in the pan and not wanting to miss any crumbs. That sets up the theme for the book of savoring life through the good, the bad and everything in between.”

Christy’s observations about her mother’s death and seeing her dad adjust to their “new normal” are both touching and hopeful, and through it, we see her faith strengthened.

“What my dad taught me through the worst grief of his life actually bolstered my faith and gave me hope. He taught us that it wasn’t the end and we weren’t hopeless. I’ve gone back to that moment in my life. I cling to hope because I know that even in the worst circumstances, I know that God is still there and still good.”

Although Christy’s story starts out with heartache, her hopeful optimism carries the book forward, giving readers some hilarious stories as she traverses the teen years and her search for the perfect husband in her early twenties.

“I wanted the book to reflect life as it is. That’s how all our lives are—we all have the sad times and happy times. Sharing the story of meeting my husband, Kraig, brings a lighter note to the book.”

Throughout the story, Christy shares “life morsels”—nuggets of wisdom that we can gain strength, encouragement and hope from. Christy weaves these morsels throughout the book, bringing the lessons full circle into adulthood.

Brownie Crumbs

But just as we think that Christy has achieved her happily-ever-after ending, her story takes an unexpected turn, when her two-year-old son is diagnosed with leukemia.

As a parent, nothing can prepare you for experiencing the shock and sadness of this devastating diagnosis. As readers, we feel we stepped into the grief and pain with her.  Her candor and simplicity are gifts in her storytelling that make the accounts of her son even more moving. As she watches her son go through a bone marrow biopsy, her heart breaks that she cannot explain to him why he had to endure this.

“During that painful procedure, we were asked to hold him down,” she says. “Karson’s face was turned toward Kraig and he was screaming and crying. We couldn’t explain why he had to do this, because he was two. The only thing Kraig could say was ‘I love you.’”

The experience became a powerful metaphor about God’s love during our own painful trials, which we cannot always understand. She describes this in her book:

“How many times has my Heavenly Father held me down through pain, trial, sin and ugliness? I have not understood why, and probably wouldn’t even if He told me. But when His face is turned toward me, much like when my own daddy’s face was turned toward mine on our camping trip many years ago, I can look into His eyes and hear His words.

Daddy loves you.

I don’t know why God allows pain in my life, or anyone else’s. I simply do not know. But I know my Father loves me. And that has been enough.”

As we talk over coffee about this story she adds, “It’s one of the hardest moments to think about in that whole journey. But it’s one of the most powerful images of the Father’s love.”

Christy shares some profound lessons on faith as she walks through leukemia with her son.  She grapples with the question of why, but through it all, she relies on God’s mercy and unconditional love to rescue her from the storm.

“I thought I couldn’t handle a kid with cancer. But God gives you and equips you with what you need. A life morsel from my book is ‘Tomorrow’s peace can’t be bottled today. It won’t stay fresh.’ The principal in scripture is daily bread and daily trust—learning to have enough for today, even through pain. You have to live one step at a time. You can’t be ready for trials, but God will be faithful through it.”

book brownie crumbs

Christy’s story is a testimony to how God has worked through both the joys and struggles of life. Her story is an encouragement for those going through grief and sickness, as she shares her uplifting story of hope and how God is always faithful.

Christy’s book invites all of us to savor life, no matter what season you find yourself in.


Christy’s book, Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. If you’re ready for some encouragement and hope told by a wonderful storyteller, check out her book here.

Plus: Meet Christy and her lovely family in her book trailer for Brownie Crumbs!

To read more about Christy, visit her website.



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  1. Sara, what a wonderful tribute and interview. So much joy in sharing these moments with the two of you …. years of laughing and crying together, but most of all encouraging each other! Christy’s story is so well told. How blessed we all are to share in her wisdom gleaned over her life. Christy Cabe one of the best storytellers I know. Watching her dream become a reality spurs all of us on to follow our heart! Thank you for sharing yours.

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