Why Christians Need to Talk About Sexual Abuse


I was standing in a parking lot outside a restaurant in Bangkok waiting for our driver to show up. It was dark, but this area of Bangkok was lit up with neon lights and thumping music from the local bars. Our group stood in the red light district, an area known for prostitution and child sex […]

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Learning to Let Go of the Perfect Life

I always wanted to have kids. Starting in elementary school, my dream was to become a wife and mom. My future life resembled something out of the JC Penny catalogue we got in the mail: blonde models dressed in royal blue pantsuits stood alongside their ‘husbands,’ who looked just like my tanned Ken doll–feathered hair, […]

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What does this spiritual survey say about you?

I woke up this morning to this. Two pictures on my phone, side-by-side: a typical back-to-school picture of a radiant little girl and the second, a year later, empty. I knew right away what happened. Last year, this mother had a daughter. Now she is gone. Even though I never sent my son to school, […]

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