5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Adoption


Why I’m Grateful for this Unplanned Journey About a month before our daughter was born, we got a phone call from our adoption agency. “A birthmother is expecting soon. Do you want to meet with her?” “Yes!” we said without hesitation. There was no question we wanted this baby after going through the long process of […]

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Good to Know for November


Three Things that are Good to Know for November: If you’re struggling through grief in a season of gratitude (or know someone who is), here is my journey to find it again. It’s National Adoption Month. Find out how to be an encouragement to an adoptive family. How I organized my holiday season to prioritize relationships over busyness (Plus a […]

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How to Beat Fear

It was my heart that felt the fear first. It started beating wildly in my chest, out of control, like a car with no brakes speeding down the highway. The strange thing was that I was not in any danger. I was not in an unfamiliar place. I sat among friends and there were zero […]

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