The Big News


Our Adopted “Rainbow” Baby Rainbow Baby: “A child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. The term has encouraged parents to share their stories of loss – and the babies that followed.” So yes, it happened. We brought home a baby boy yesterday who is now part of TEAM WARD! Zion was born Friday […]

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Adoption Update: We’re Getting Close

There is so much I know and so much I don’t know. Life is funny like that. All I know is that we’re getting very close, but the waiting–the outcome–is still hard. Will there be a baby or won’t there be a baby?  I try to brush the thought away like a pesky fly that keeps buzzing […]

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When Christmas Cards Are Too Much


I met Afton Rorvik briefly at a conference after finding out that we had something in common: grief. After discovering she wrote a book on friendship and grief, I wanted to feature Afton’s writing on my blog and introduce you to her. She wrote Storm Sisters: Friends Through All Seasons as a result of watching her mother die […]

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