Good to Know February: Winter Traditions

This year, our Midwest winter has been filled with an abundance of grey days, rain and a lack of sunshine. For someone who likes snow, skiing, and sunshine, it’s been a different winter for me. Instead of snow pants, we’ve been pulling out jackets and umbrellas. Despite the grey, I’ve learned to ward off the winter blues by creating a few […]

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Coping with Grief on Valentine’s Day


You’ve seen the commercial—the one where the guy tells the dog to deliver a beautiful piece of jewelry to his wife for Valentine’s Day? For couples, this is a clever way of pushing jewelry on a holiday known for over-the-top romance and gestures of love. But for those grieving the loss of a loved one, Valentine’s Day is […]

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Meet our Son in His First Beautiful Newborn Photos

Photos by Delivering Memories Photography I’m trying to soak it all up right now. Babies don’t stay little for long. This I know. The rush of schedules and busyness has already begun to seep back into our days. In order to save the beautiful memory of these early days, we ventured out to our first photo shoot last […]

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