Change is Bittersweet

Currently my office is smack dab in the middle of the living room. Life revolves around my desk, quite literally. It hasn’t always been that way. About 3 weeks ago, my desk was in a tiny bedroom at the end of our second floor hallway. It was one of the few places I had peace […]

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What My Husband’s Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me

My husband was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in 2005. Although it’s been over ten years, I still remember that moment when we received the life-changing words, “It’s cancer.” The doctor told us the disease had spread and the test results looked grim. I held back the tears as the doctor said my husband would […]

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Why I Write


Sometimes it’s the obvious questions that need answered the most, because those are the ones that shape your life. What are you passionate about? Why do you do it (or not do it)? Should you be doing it? For me, the question is Why do you write? You may think that’s an easy one to answer. I enjoy […]

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