Best Motivational Books

As we get our kids ready for back to school, it’s time to start thinking about your own personal growth. Oh, wait. You thought back to school prep was just for kids? No way! You need to learn and grow too. The difference is you get to choose what and how you will learn.  You […]

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Christmas Spoken Word Poem

Looking for spoken word poetry to add to your worship service? Dynamic scripts, poetry and dramatic monologues are a meaningful addition to your service. Perfect for your Christmas worship service! Click HERE to see all of the Christmas Spoken Word Poems through Poets and Saints Media! Choose from these spoken word performance pieces: Don’t Miss the […]

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Three Habits to Give You Energy


Where Did My Energy Go? Not too long ago, a friend told me how tired she was. She was battling fatigue and like most women I know, juggling a lot of things in her life. I remember thinking, I know how you feel. I always need more energy. It’s not uncommon to feel fatigue when we […]

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My Summer Reading Recommendations

summer reading

Every year when I go on vacation, I am frantically searching for books to download to my ipad the night before. Oh why do I do this to myself? I think as I’m sitting on the floor next to a huge suitcase and several carry-ons, scrolling through hundreds of books. I know why. I don’t want […]

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