We just finished our bathroom remodel last month and it was a whopper of a DIY project.  But the good news is we did everything ourselves (except for the plumbing) and managed to do it on a budget!

Our original bath had some great features.  Yes, the sink is a vintage dresser that I loved, but it was also the most impractical sink for a family ever made by man.

bath 1

The wood top cracked multiple times, because we simply couldn’t keep water off it. The sink would be fine for a single person or a couple who is very tidy, but for a household of four with two kids, we simply didn’t stand a chance.



The floor has been on my list to change ever since we moved in. It was dated and yellowed and I hated it.


Sam spent three days (and several tools) pulling this out. Our original plan was to go with tile, but the floors in our old home are not even close to level, and he knew it would be almost impossible to get them level enough for the tile not to crack. So we switched to vinyl tile instead, which was cheaper and easier to install and we all ended up happy with the result.


The Big Bathroom Reveal!

IMG_3774We painted everything a bright white, added a double sink from Ikea and bought a new mirror because the last mirror could only fit one skinny person in front of it, but absolutely no one else.  Since this is our only full bath, we were all fighting over mirror space and it was always an issue on mornings when we were all getting ready at the same time.


Because we changed the mirror, we had to change the location of the lighting, so we went ahead and updated the lights too, which were all from Lowe’s. The wiring was a problem, and we had a little snafu in rewiring them, but in the end, my magical husband worked it all out.

Even though it was a pain to live without a full bathroom for awhile, we are loving the new space.


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