back to school grief

Back to school always brings up so many different emotions:
Some mothers are jumping on their beds with glee.
Others are wiping tears as they watch their child get on the bus for the first time.

I can hardly believe that my son would have been nine years old and going into third grade this year. For me, the thought of him is no longer a sad one, but a sweet memory that I hope I never will forget, because parenting him was one of the greatest privileges of my life.

But for the mamas who are in that season of fresh grief, it will be a hard morning thinking of what might have been. They will imagine how big their child would be or what grade they would be going into. There will not be a back to school picture, or a desk with their name on it this year. They will not see a backpack hanging by the back door or a pair of new sneakers thrown on the floor after school.

Some of the hardest grief days are the milestone days—the ones where you think of what might have been. When those milestones hit, you work through embracing all your child was, and let go of all they might have been.

For the mamas who are thinking of their sweet child, as you watch the bus pass by, remember all the love you shared with your child–all the memories, every bit of it, is something beautiful and special.


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