I help authors sell more books and gain readers through strategic customized marketing that fits your message.

(I also give you more of what you need the most: time to write.)


An author brand story clarification process that will yield website copy and a customized marketing brand style guide, so you can have your whole author brand story hashed out and your website written for you.

Step 1: Data mining and research to create your author brand story. Together we’ll brain dump all the details on target market, ideal client, and your process during our Author Brand Story Clarification session.

Step 2:  Professional website copy to position you for sales success. We’ll write up to 3 pages of your website for you, using a Brand Voice Style Guide. (An added bonus guide you get to keep for years of marketing help!) 

Step 3: Customized coaching call. We’ll end with a coaching call, where we hand over your words, give you tools to master your author storytelling on social media and beyond, and give you more time to do what matters most—write words that change the world.

What You Get:

  • Author Brand Story Clarification System
  • Custom Author Brand Voice Style Guide—your go-to marketing guide for social media and marketing help
  • Custom website copy for 3 pages of your website: home page, about page and your landing page for your email list—all the KEY pages that move you forward!
  • Marketing coaching call where I hand off all the goodies and give you the final folder of all deliverables

Price: $597 


A complete marketing copy process that will give you the tools you need to position your book for success. 

This package will give you conversion copy for your 

  • Book cover
  • Book webpage 
  • Amazon description and any other publishing platform
  • Ads on Facebook and Amazon

You’ll also gain rich data for your publishing setup on KDP (Amazon) including keyword data, competitor analysis, best categories to place your book in, and AMS data (for Amazon ads) that optimize your book for better sales positioning.  

What you get:

  • Complete cover copy description, designed with the Cover Copywriting Formula. If you already have cover copy, we’ll evaluate the current description to make it more effective
  • Amazon description that’s keyword rich and positioned to sell with an HTML version for custom formatting
  • Ad copy for Facebook and Amazon
  • Competition analysis for your book
  • Complete list of keywords to use on Amazon, social media and beyond
  • Category research which can help you reach Amazon bestseller rank.
  • My personal insider tips for selling more books

Perfect for those who are planning on publishing a book or want to revamp a book’s marketing copy.

Price: $357


Like an espresso shot of caffeine, one hour of custom marketing advice that takes your target market, project goals, and an analysis of the current market to help you reach your goals.

Do you feel lost when it comes to marketing your writing? Do you feel like everyone else knows the secret to growing their audience and sales and you’re left flatlining on the analytics dashboard?

Sara R. Ward has worked in marketing and copywriting for six years and would love to help you position your books for more sales or your marketing message for audience growth.

In our one hour coaching session, you can choose ONE of the following:

  • Figure out your Author Brand Story Clarification Process—the foundational basis of all your website, social media, and book selling process. You’ll get focused direction and an overview of your voice, your message, and how to communicate it clearly.
  • Customized brand clarification for one project or webpage. Learn how to clarify your voice and improve your marketing copy for either one website page or landing page, using the Brand Voice Style Guide. This package gives you help with one specific project of your choice that’s already created. (Note: It does not include creating the content for you. This is a power session to improve the marketing on a current page or for a specific sales product)
  • Marketing audit of current website or book on Amazon (what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it!)

You’ll get an hour of coaching and auditing that includes a complete file of the Author Marketing Action Step Plan.

PRICE: $117

Custom Marketing Package

Don’t see what you need? I’m happy to talk with you about a customized marketing or copywriting project that’s designed just for your needs. Contact me for a quote: sararward@icloud.com

Sara is an award-winning nonfiction and fiction author, seasoned copywriter with six years of experience at an advertising agency, and an author marketing coach who helps authors launch their books through marketing and copywriting services. In addition, she partners with the Hartz Agency and Typewriter Creative Company for full service author marketing packages and design services.

Let’s talk! SaraRWard@icloud.com