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How to Afford Adoption

how to afford adoption

“I’d like to adopt, but it’s just so expensive.” This is one of the most common phrases I hear when I mention that we’ve adopted. Turns out, money is a big reason why people don’t adopt. According to a recent survey, 33% of Americans consider adoption and 79% of them are worried about the cost. In the […]

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Adoption Update: We’re Getting Close

There is so much I know and so much I don’t know. Life is funny like that. All I know is that we’re getting very close, but the waiting–the outcome–is still hard. Will there be a baby or won’t there be a baby?  I try to brush the thought away like a pesky fly that keeps buzzing […]

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5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Adoption


Why I’m Grateful for this Unplanned Journey About a month before our daughter was born, we got a phone call from our adoption agency. “A birthmother is expecting soon. Do you want to meet with her?” “Yes!” we said without hesitation. There was no question we wanted this baby after going through the long process of […]

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